Changes in the colour of your motions

Cause If you have a change in the colour of your stools but no changes in how often you are going to the toilet or their consistency and you are otherwise well it is highly unlikely to be due to anything serious. It could be just something you have eaten like beetroot or be due to tablets you are taking like iron. However if you are on asprin or asprin-like painkillers (if you don't know ask your local pharmacist) then you need to see your doctor as it might be that your are having minor bleeds from your stomach which can become more serious and might need urgent attention. Usuall if this is the case your stools will also be sticky and very smelly – if this is the case see your doctor today!

 If you have any other changes in the way your bowels are working try the ‘Symptom Checker’ - click on 'Change in Bowel Habit'.

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