Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson – previous President of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland, President of the Section of Coloproctology of the Royal Society of Medicine and President of the St Marks Association – is an Honorary Consultant Surgeon in Colorectal Surgery at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and has chaired several leading committees including the National Bowel Cancer Audit Project (www.acpgbi.org.uk) and the UK Dept of Health GP Referral Guidelines committee in 2000.  With his colleagues in Portsmouth, Mike has developed the Portsmouth Hospitals Symptoms Database, now covering 31,000 people with bowel problems referred to hospital clinics over the last 27 years and almost 2,000 bowel cancers. He personally has managed 12,000 patients with bowel problems most of who had flexible sigmoidoscopy and almost 600 had bowel cancer. It is now recognised as probably the best symptoms database in the world.
Email: michael.thompson@porthosp.nhs.uk
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