Definition This is a swelling or distention of the abdomen making it feel full and tight. 

The distension comes and goes - it is often not there first thing in the morning and builds up during the day. It can be very uncomfortable and even cause pain. It is caused by trapped wind in the bowel and can be made worse by too much rather than too little roughage or fibre! If you are otherwise well with a normal appetite and no change in your bowel habit it is worth trying a change in diet - eat less roughage for a while - it is very unlikely to be serious if you have no other symptoms. 

Note If your tummy swells and never goes down you should see your doctor who will probably send you off for a scan to see if there is any accumulation of fluid in your tummy

 For more information and advice on treatment for this symptom click on abdominal pain in â€˜Treatment for Bowel Symptoms' below.

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