Patient Stories

Debbie Bissett

Debbie Bissett

Debbie Says: In October 1998 I saw Lynn talking on GMTV about Bowel Cancer. Lynn was talking about her own personal experience with Bowel Cancer and also promoting her leaflet which was available free telling people like me about symptoms.

Just listening to Lynn talking made me feel uncomfortable as I realised that the symptoms she was describing were familiar to how my bowel habits had been over the previous 18 months or so. So a couple of days after seen Lynn on the television I went out and picked the leaflet she had been talking about and read it over and over again for a couple of weeks. I began to think more careful about my symptoms. Then at the beginning on November 1998 I had another spate of very loose bowel movements along with a lot of blood loss. I made a doctors appointment. My doctor examined me and said that he could not find any abnormality but referred me to a colorectal surgeon called Mr Mike Thompson.

I saw Mr Thompson at the beginning in January 1999.I had tests and a week later found out I had bowel cancer. It was difficult having to tell our children and friends and family especially as I looked so fit, well and healthy. Another week later and I had my operation. My operation was very successful and I had an anterior resection between the rectum and the colon

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